Orange Honey Facial Mask

Give your face the extra winter-care it deserves with this reviving and vitalizing treatment!

Simply combine 2 tsp of clear (warm enough to run) orange blossom honey with 1 or 2 drops of pure lavender essential oil and stir.

After cleaning your face, open the pores by laying a hot wash-cloth on it for 2 minutes.  Then apply the honey with your finger-tips so that a thin layer is spread across cheeks, forehead, chin, nose and temples (tie your hair back for this!).Leave in place for 10 minutes as honey firms up.

Then place the flat of your fingers across your cheeks and pull away quickly. They will stick and then the pulling will stimulate the skin and pull any dirt out of your pores. Repeat all over your face.

Then use a warm wet washcloth across your face to loosen honey. Clean off and pat dry before applying any moisturizing cream.

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