Pet Pointers – Nuclear Fallout


The recent threat of nuclear fallout is a reminder of the fragility of our ecosystem and how all of us are physically affected by everything happening in the world environment. Plants and animals are also constantly exposed to the ‘fallout’ of human destruction to the environment. Our pets, in particular, are sensitive to the stress of their guardians, chemicals in household products, the quality of food and water supply. Cancer and thyroid imbalances have risen markedly for dogs and cats in the last decade.

If your pets (including horses and livestock) have freedom to the outdoors and like to drink from puddles and eat wild grasses, they are also taking in radioactive fallout from Japan. To keep your dog and/or cat’s thyroid in balance, be sure they are getting plenty of essential mineral salts. You can add seaweed to foods that you cook them (even if they won’t eat the seaweed, the minerals will go into the water). You can also soak a piece of kombu in water then add some of the ‘kombu tea’ to their water dish or food.  Adding wheatgrass, barley grass or combinations of these super foods to your pet’s food will strengthen the liver, improve detoxification through the kidneys and boost their immune system (just as for us!). These super foods can be added as freeze-dried powders like Barley Cat/ Barley Dog, Green Mush,
Greener Grasses or American Botanical Pharmacy’s Superfood (which has the added benefit of brewer’s yeast).

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