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Basic Chia Gel

Chia can absorb 9-12 times its size 1 TB chia seeds 1 cup water (cold is fine) or herb tea Put seeds in water. Stir it up. Come back in a few minutes and stir it up again. Don’t let it clump. When it’s done (in about 10 minutes) the seeds will be evenly suspended […]

Cheers for Chia by Laura Edminster

It all started when I was surfing the web and getting fresh and raw recipes, many of which used a mystery ingredient called ‘mila’ that contained the highest levels of fiber, protein and polyunsaturated oil. It sounded great and turned out that ‘mila’ is Salvia Hispanica L. or plain ‘ol chia seed. Surfing a little […]

Spring has Sprouted – Sprouting Seeds Indoors

If you don’t have land for a garden outside (or even if you do) consider indoor sprouting to meet some of your nutritional needs. Sprouting seeds is easy, fun and can be a family activity that provides an excellent (and safe if you are worried about fallout effects), nutritious option. Here a list of the […]

Manuka Honey

-Lois Senger Honey produced by bees that use the nectar of the flower from the Manuka tea tree (Leptospermum scoparium) of New Zealand has been shown to have superior healing properties over other types of honey.  Most honey has some antibacterial activity, due to an enzyme (glucose oxidase) action which releases low levels of hydrogen […]

Eye Care by Lois

Beautiful rainbows and amazing sunsets are only a few of the pleasures our eyes let us see. Good eye care is so important. The eye has three layers that keep it moist for vision and protection.   A watery solution is secreted and mixes with fatty acids that are secreted by 40 meibomian glands located […]