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The Deal on Diabetes -Lois Senger

As the return of cooler temperatures and the holidays approach, facing our inherent attraction to sweets is worth paying attention to. Type 2 diabetes is growing in the USA at an alarming rate: 25.8 million people (8.3% of adult population, National Diabetes Stats August 2010). What was once referred to as “adult onset” is becoming […]

Radiation update by Karin Uphoff

Despite what the EPA wants us to believe, background radiation in a recent St. Louis rain was 3 times higher than a previous June reading. Oklahoma City readings and reports from rain readings in Canada all show “dangerous radiation levels” (nearly 10 times normal background levels), while market peaches checked in the LA area contained […]

Healthy Gut by Lois Senger

Why is it that we feel emotions such as anger, anxiety, joy, and happiness in our gut?  What gives us that “gut feeling”?  How does it impact our digestive system, and how can we help keep a healthy gut? The gut is the only organ to have its own enteric nervous system (ENS) which enables […]

Manuka Honey

-Lois Senger Honey produced by bees that use the nectar of the flower from the Manuka tea tree (Leptospermum scoparium) of New Zealand has been shown to have superior healing properties over other types of honey.  Most honey has some antibacterial activity, due to an enzyme (glucose oxidase) action which releases low levels of hydrogen […]

Eye Care by Lois

Beautiful rainbows and amazing sunsets are only a few of the pleasures our eyes let us see. Good eye care is so important. The eye has three layers that keep it moist for vision and protection.   A watery solution is secreted and mixes with fatty acids that are secreted by 40 meibomian glands located […]

Viral Infections – Three Consultants Give Their Two Cents

Three consultants giving their two cents on what to do about viral infections like colds and flu… LOIS: When all the usual preventative measures fail and you feel you are coming down with a viral infection, there are a few treatments you can do to help your immune system rid yourself of the infection. Use […]