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Pet corner – Pennyroyal for Fleas

With the long spring and the recent rain, we have the good fortune of still having a plethora of wild pennyroyal growing along roads, trails and water’s edge this year. Even in its flowering state it can be picked to use as a flea-wash for your dog, horse or (tolerant) cat. Just gather a produce-bag […]

Pet Pointers – Nuclear Fallout

-Stevie The recent threat of nuclear fallout is a reminder of the fragility of our ecosystem and how all of us are physically affected by everything happening in the world environment. Plants and animals are also constantly exposed to the ‘fallout’ of human destruction to the environment. Our pets, in particular, are sensitive to the […]

Pet Pointers – Bladder Health

-Stevie I was recently reminded, at the cost of $300 for a vet visit, that dry cat food is convenient, but not conventional. My male cat Sterling Merlin was urinating blood. An ultrasound showed he had a bladder stone. Had we not caught this in time the cost could either have been his life or […]