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GMOs under Scrutiny

Today in the United States, by the simple act of feeding ourselves, we unwittingly participate in the largest experiment ever conducted on human beings. Massive agro-chemical companies like Monsanto (Agent Orange) and Dow (Napalm) are feeding us genetically-modified food, GMOs, that have never been fully tested and aren’t labeled. This small handful of corporations is […]

Radiation update by Karin Uphoff

Despite what the EPA wants us to believe, background radiation in a recent St. Louis rain was 3 times higher than a previous June reading. Oklahoma City readings and reports from rain readings in Canada all show “dangerous radiation levels” (nearly 10 times normal background levels), while market peaches checked in the LA area contained […]

Radiation Update by Karin Uphoff

Many people continue to be concerned about radiation fallout from the nuclear disaster in Japan. Government reports, as can be found at┬áreassure us that radiation levels are “undetectable” from any of their 9 locations in California (Eureka and Richmond being the closest), and they are measuring about 12 radioactive isotopes every 48 hours in […]

Thank you Harvest at Mendosa’s

Our freezer broke down, and Harvest at Mendosa’s very graciously stored fifteen milk crates full of our frozen items for nine days while we purchased a new freezer. Good neighbors are good to have.